PricewaterhouseCoopers CR Space

It’s time to accelerate the pace of change

PwC sought to tap their employees to contribute 1 million hours of corporate responsibility time. With this in mind, I got to work on a social space where users were able to create, sign up for, and track hours towards a variety of events.

The Client

PricewaterhouseCoopers is a multinational services network, and ranks as the second largest professional services firm in the world.

The Challenge

PwC places a high value on Corporate Social Responsibility. To that end, PwC needed a platform that allowed their employess to be engaged in reaching a goal of 1 million hours of donated time; time that would benefit a variety of causes all around the world.

The Solution

We began by mapping out the workflow of specifically what the user should be able to do within the platform, namely: interact with people’s profiles, interact with events, and conduct a search on both. Once this was established we broke down the specific interactions within each of these categories.


The primary goal of the site was to get people to participate in events. PwC employees were given the ability to find local events by specific categories. Once on an event’s landing page, the user was able to sign up for an event and invite other friends to do the same. After the events took place, the user was given the opportunity to upload images of the event, leave feedback, log hours, and find similar events.

The Results

The simple and intuitive navigational structure meant that there was a very low learning curve for users, providing them with an optimized responsive online experience.

With a streamlined and intuitive user experience, and a bold, modern design, PwC’s Corporate Responsibility Space allows it’s employees to collectively make a huge impact on the community now and in the future.


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