Citi Timeline

A living archive of a rich history.

The Citi Digital Timeline is an archive which houses some of Citi’s biggest milestones, some lesser known facts and their impact on global progress.

The Challenge

To revamp Citi’s digital corporate timeline while increasing repeat engagement.

The Solution

Redesign Citi’s Digital Timeline to work across all devices. Increase interactions by making them more intuitive. Make the platform easy to update and maintain.

The Results

A more fun, intuitive and engaging experience. A robust, easy-to-use product that can be easily updates as Citi’s ever-growing history unfolds.

Bringing past events back to life.

Inspiration for the concepts stemmed from a multitude of sources. We wanted to reintroduce Citi’s history and heritage by providing users with tools that would not only enhance use of the Timeline, but also aid them in the exploration and discovery of Citi’s rich history. We strive to make the process of discovery intuitive and fun for the end user, and took a heuristic approach to re-imagining Citi’s Digital Timeline. A more interactive user experience will translate to increased engagement and time spent with the Timeline.

We explored familiar user interactions, and looked for innovative and intuitive ways to integrate them into the new Citi Digital Timeline. We explored a fluid and swipeable classic timeline similar to a scrubber on a video player or the slider we saw previously. We also explored the dial as a means of tuning into specific points in time. Lastly, we looked into providing a tabbed dashboard for the user, rich in iconography and other visuals to further drive the overall experience.

The Results.

The Citi Digital Timeline was a welcome update to their outdated flash-based site. Proper UX, design and tech execution brought about an intuitive, easy-to-use, fun way to navigate through Citi’s rich history.