Your Friendly UX Consultant & Mentor

I’ve been a problem solver all my life. I was a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) kid. I thrived in any class in that real. Naturally, I started off my college career as a Mechanical Engineer. At the time I didn’t find it creatively stimulating enough and decided to make a switch into design. For anyone in the design world, design thinking evaluates ideas and their execution using an informal scientific method. This approach requires you to be open to failing (quickly), documenting, learning, and moving on to the next iteration. And it’s that same approach that I bring to most anything I do.


I bring nearly two decades of experience as an individual contributor, manager, and consultant for large corporations and creative agencies. In the past 20 years, I’ve been a Web Designer, Information Architect, Art Director, UX/Product designer. I’ve also held a variety of leadership positions within companies, hired and grew multidisciplinary teams. It’s this experience that allows me to easily understand where creatives get stuck and how to build a path to success.


These days I coach and mentor other designers to get better at their craft, grow their careers and find freedom doing something they love. In short, I help digital creatives thrive by making the tools necessary for achieving flow, creativity, and career growth readily accessible.

My Mission

To empower digital creatives to reach their full potential by providing access to the tools and resources needed for creativity, focus, and career growth.